Find It K-9 Detection is a handler assisted, k-9 led bed bug inspection and detection company. We specialize in discreet, honest, and accurate inspections of your infested area.


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With a superior sense of smell, K-9 scent detection dogs possess the ability to detect bed bugs quickly and efficiently, with little to no disruption to your home, office or hotel room.

We are a small local business and are currently unaffiliated with any exterminator


Affiliated with Bugg Busters Extermination


About Our Company.

Find It K-9 Detection is a handler assisted, k-9 led bed bug inspection and detection company. We specialize in finding bed bugs. We find them when a human has no chance of finding them. Bed Bugs are found by scent or smell not sight.

We have searched: apartments,hotels,schools,government buildings, retail, homes, condos, churches, bags that just came off the airlines, nursing homes,and even daycare units.

We are affiliated with Bugg Busters extermination to satisfy all North Carolina requirements. Inspections in North Carolina are worked through Bugg Busters.    I have been trained by the best scent detection trainer for K-9's and their handlers. The K-9 must be strong in genetics and the handler must be observant. We train weekly to ensure we are accurate and professional. We look forward to serving you.

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3535 North Hwy 16

Denver, NC 28037


(980) 505-7578

Why Choose Us?


We are 100% discreet. We will arrive in an unmarked vehicle to ensure your reputation and privacy are not compromised .  We will give you an honest inspection.  We are not selling any treatments so bed bugs or no bed bugs we will tell you the truth.


We understand your brand reputation is of utmost importance, which is why client confidentiality is our number one priority. We will maintain your privacy from the very first contact and in all practices and procedures during the normal course of doing business with you. We take every relationship seriously and will extend our policy of confidentiality to all of our clients. 


Humans are approximately 40% accurate when identifying live bed bugs and eggs.  Highly trained K-9's, who have been tested and certified, have been proven to test at 90% or higher in the detection of live bed bugs and live eggs.


If we find bed bugs, we will do our best to show you the signs of the infestation when possible. We find bugs even when others have tried and failed.


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